Mindful Movement with Mai

Big breathes in, and big breathes out. That’s what has been buzzing around our school the last few weeks. Isn’t it wonderful that some of our students have weekly mindfulness classes full of movement, breath work, and yoga! Our in-house Yoga Specialist teacher Mai has been guiding some of our students every week. Our older students also join in for mindfulness once a term.

A lot of our students have been working on practicing mindfulness through mediation and yoga. They have been working individually on their breath work practicing deep calmness throughout our days to ensure that when a stressful time does arise, they have the tools to cope with that situation.

They have dived into partner yoga with fun different positions like “lizard on a rock” where they are breathing in sync together and “light as a feather” breathing which helps us understand the importance of long and slow breaths. Some of our classes even experienced making their own eye pillows with clean socks and rice to rest on their eyes, heart center and solar plex. This allowed them to deepen their relaxation. Our JK and SK classes got to play a yoga game where they picked their favourite poses off the Yoga Game Board and got to demonstrate it to all their classmates.