Mindfulness at Home & School

A huge thank you the CGS PA , and by extension all CGS parents, for the ‘Mindfulness at Home’ workshop on Monday night and the day of mindfulness activities the following day for the children. Both events were very successful. For everyone who attended the workshop on Monday, we hope you enjoyed it. A fun highlight was definitely the partnered game with sticks. There were so many smiles in the room as parents concentrated on keeping their sticks aloft together! A particularly helpful take-away was thinking of ourselves as the person who completes the self-regulation circuit for children. Children are not operating in a vacuum and they need an adult to guide them when times get tricky. We all know how important it is to be present and calm for our children but it is one of the hardest things in the world to do. We hope this concrete, visual image will be helpful to you next time your child needs assistance in managing a particular situation.


Sarah and Dani also suggested sitting back to back with your child as a way of calming your breath and taking time out together. Jordan recently suggested to her Grade 2 parents that reading alongside your child is as important as reading to them. How about making reading time back-to-back time too? We need to multi-task in our family lives and this sounds like a very peaceful and easy way to add a little mindfulness into the mix.

The underlying message of the evening was to take time for your own mindfulness practise so that you are able to ‘complete the circuit’ when your child needs help. Good luck everybody! Mindfulness at 6pm on a weeknight is a very tall order indeed but remember, every small victory and calm moment counts. Be kind to yourselves as you try to introduce what you’ve learned this week. Parents that attended on Monday, please share what you learned! It is a lot of information to cover here.

The children really enjoyed their day with Dani and Sarah too. We hope they came home and told about some of their activities. They did a lot of breathing exercises, talking about emotions, listening games and mindful eating exercises. There was a focus on collaboration and working in partners. Classroom and specialty teachers were with the kids for all of their activities and came away with some new strategies to use in the classroom. Thanks again to the PA for supporting the CGS community in such a positive way.