MOM is WOW Upside Down

Well, in case you’ve never noticed, MOM spells WOW upside down. Thank you to Sara A for pointing out this fun fact for us. Celebrating Mothers and Fathers is always a pleasure at CGS. The teachers know how important these relationships are for the children and make sure to mark the occasion with lots of love and creativity. Today, every class celebrated in their own special way. There were game shows, House Points (that was in SK – good job guys!), definitions of mommies names, dance parties, love bug cards and even love notes made out of laundry for a STEM challenge.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, and to all those who ‘mother’.
~ CGS Parent

We agree! There are so many ‘mothers’ out there – amazing people that contribute to the lives of so many of us, young and old. To everyone mothering, parenting, supporting, and generally making sure that we all stay afloat in these challenging times, we send our love and appreciation.

Happy Mother’s Day!