Celebrating Moms and Families a Little Extra These Days


It’s been a celebratory week for our CGS parents! All of our students have been crafting with love with Mother’s Day and International Day of Families as their motivation. All of our students enjoyed expressing their love and gratitude through fun homemade gifts like potted plants, personally designed tote bags, origami bouquets, rainbow painted hearts, and mom letter glazed photos perfect for the mantle. Our Early Starts hosted a party for their Mommy’s with some songs, gift giving and treats, and lots of our other classes presented their special gifts at drop off and pick up!

On Mother’s Day we celebrate all the mothers in our lives; the one who gave birth to us, the one who adopted us, the one we picked to be our mother or who volunteered to step up for the role, the mother figures through our aunts, grandmothers, friends, or foster mothers.

On International Day of Families, we celebrate and appreciate all members of the family in one wonderful day. It is a day we celebrate the importance of families, people, society, and cultures around the world. Its aim is to raise awareness of issues relating to families across the globe, while giving attention to the fact that families are the basic unit of a society. 

Both days are such an important day to express gratitude and love for those who we hold most dear to our hearts. 

Please enjoy the photos of our students crafting with love for their dearests!