My Time with Terry – Fred Fox Comes to Visit

Our very dear CGS friend Fred Fox came to ‘visit’ last Friday. He came to us live from the Terry Fox Foundation in Burnaby, BC. It was so great to see him and to hear more about his relationship with his extraordinary brother Terry. We have heard Terry’s story so many times at CGS but it never, ever gets boring or tired or any less heart-wrenching and magical. There were many other schools across Ontario and Saskatchewan joining the talk last Friday and Fred took questions after his talk but we hit a snag – the chat function is disabled for our students so CGS’ers were unable to ask their questions. They were so disappointed not to be able to share directly with Fred. So guess what? Fred is coming back! Fred and The Foundation felt so badly that they offered to book a private CGS Q & A session. Sara A has scheduled another visit for Fred on June 14th for Grades 1-3. The children are so excited and can’t wait to play some of their beloved Terry Trivia with him. A huge thank you to The Terry Fox Foundation for making this special extra visit happen for CGS.