New CGS Staff

Welcome new Teaching staff

We are thrilled to welcome these new teachers to our wonderful CGS staff roster. They are excited to meet you all, to get to know the fantastic students and to be a part of the CGS community! We are pleased to introduce:

Melissa Alonzi

Melissa is joining our amazing Early Start team! Here are some ‘Fun Facts’ about Melissa:

  • I love Christmas and birthdays, celebrations  are the best!
  • I love arts and crafts and being creative, especially decorating.
  • I love to cook and entertain.
  • I enjoy dancing and listening to music.
  • I used to collect stickers as a child.
  • I debated becoming an educator or a wedding coordinator.

Akira Nezirevic

Akira is joining forces with Paula in the CGS SK classroom. Akira sent us some ‘Fun Facts’ to share with the CGS community:

  • My favourite subject is Science.
  • I love Popcorn.
  • I don’t have a pet but I have gone swimming with sharks!
  • I have 5 sisters and brothers.

Jessi Cowie

Jessi will be teaching alongside Michelle Luke in the Grade 2-4 classroom. Jessi sent some very interesting ‘Fun Facts’ about herself:

  • I teach English to Chinese Children in China. I wake up 5am every morning and teach.
  • My favourite subject is language arts and a little bit of math (math is everywhere!).
  • I have a kitten she is a Cornish Rex. (she is very cute-ugly).
  • I love Oreo cookies.
  • I was born in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • My favourite colour is lime Green.

Sophia Benali

Sophia joins CGS as our new French teacher! Here are some ‘Sophia Fun Facts’ that she sent for us to share:

  • My favorite school subjects are languages and history.
  • My favourite snack is fruits.
  • I had a golden retriever but now I don’t have one though I love animals.
  • I would love to have a time machine and see how the world used to be and how people lived. Who would like to go with me?

Leigh Fuke

Leigh will be moving into the role of CGS Curriculum Development teacher and is currently working in Admissions and Parent Engagement. Leigh sent us some ‘Fun Facts’ about herself:

  • My favourite subject is reading and I love spending time in the library.
  •  I love picture books and I still read one almost every day.
  • My favourite animal is the blue whale.
  • When I was a kid, I had pet turtles and a pet lizard, but now I have an amazing black Lab named Lucky.
  • In my free time, I like reading, swimming with my kids, and spending time at my cottage in Algonquin Park.

Holly Beth Lievonen

Holly Beth is the new Learning Strategies teacher at CGS. Holly Beth sent some ‘Fun Facts’ about herself to share:

  • My favourite subject is Math.
  • My favourite snack is Sour Candy.
  • My favourite meal is Butter Chicken!
  • I don’t have any pets 🙁 However, I do have a very cute nephew named Jonah!
  • I love roller coasters and gymnastics and can even still do a few tricks!