Our New Mindfulness Minute

Well, as most of you know, we end the week with Dance Party Friday right after our morning announcements. This is a beloved tradition at CGS for students and staff. It sets the tone for a really fun day and puts us all in a festive mood as the weekend approaches. As we focus more and more on health and wellness at school, we are looking for ways to incorporate mindfulness into our daily routines at school. The children are practising yoga and meditation in class as part of their curriculum but there was nothing we were doing as a whole school, at the same time. So The Mindful Minute was born! Mondays seemed like the natural time to do it, right after morning announcements, just like our Dance Party. Now we start the week as a group, focussed on the principles of peace, self-awareness and kindness, both to ourselves and others. Thank you to Gavin, Connor and Zandee for the first Mindful Minute on Monday! Zandee rang the bells to signal the beginning of the minute. The ringing was followed by a quote read aloud by the children and then silence to complete the minute. It was WONDERFUL. You could hear a pin drop in the school! We look forward to many peaceful minutes throughout the school year.