One, Two, Three…Go!

Feb 3, 2012

Grade 1s concentrate during a stacking cup demonstration for their Child-Led Conference on January 31st Staying Fit at CGS The Phys. Ed. program at Children’s Garden School has been full steam ahead in Terms 1 & 2. Grades 1-3 have already completed an eight week Learn to Skate session at The Leaside Arena and are…

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Film and Media Studies at CGS

Feb 1, 2012

The Grade 3s edit their film Update from the Film Studio Film and Media Studies 2011/12 at CGS has been full of great ideas, critical thinking and creative brainstorming. This years’ students have furthered their knowledge of the different types of media they are exposed to and continue to express their opinions extremely well. The…

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Making a Difference in Nepal

Jan 30, 2012

The Principal’s Club and Mount Everest English School The Principal’s Club, created by our Principal Marie Bates, is a vehicle for students at Children’s Garden School to reach out to their local and global community. The goal of the club is to reveal to students, through direct experience, the power they hold to make a…

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Kandinsky in the Art Room

Jan 30, 2012

Students at Children’s Garden School have been studying the artwork of Wassily Kandinsky! A Russian artist during the early 20th century, Kandinsky is said to be the inventor of abstract art. His inspiration came from classical music. He was fascinated by a world in which he could see music as colors, lines, and shapes. After an…

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Join the Monkeys

Jan 25, 2012

The first session of Monkey Music Mondays at CGS is underway! There is a great group of babies/toddlers and parents/caregivers taking part. There are still spaces available and Alana would love to see you there. Take a little time to sing and laugh with your little one. Register today.

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Independence is a Gift

Jan 12, 2012

              Happy New Year! A new calendar year often triggers the need in people to make resolutions. We look back at the year that just was and think about ways we can make the year ahead the best. The joke about resolutions is that no matter how good intentioned…

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87,125 Toys and Counting!

Dec 16, 2011

Happy students pass toys from hand to hand to Tilly’s school bus bound for Toy Mountain. Every holiday season CGS staff organizes an evening of crafts, singing and games for our students and their siblings to give Moms and Dads a free evening to help prepare for the holidays. All that is asked in return…

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Angels Come in All Forms

Dec 6, 2011

              Angels have walked beside me all my life ~ and they still do. When my father lost his battle with cancer two months before my 12th Christmas, my mom was left with very little to provide for the holiday season. She warned me that this would be a tough…

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Math Strategies in our Grade 3 Classroom

Dec 5, 2011

There is a lively buzz in the room as students work together on their multi-part addition problem. Some students have gotten out the base-ten manipulatives, others are busy drawing number lines. Another group is holding steadfast to the standard algorithm, working through the necessary trades and regrouping. The classroom is alive with activity as students…

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