North York Music Festival

On Saturday, April 21, some of my piano and voice students participated in the North York Music Festival. Students have spent months polishing their songs, paying special attention to dynamics, articulation, and expression. In addition to performing their songs for an audience, they were graded by an adjudicator who gave them feedback on their performance. It takes a lot of work to prepare a piece for a festival and all participants should feel very proud of themselves! Although the most important part of any performance is doing your best, we’re proud to announce that all our students went home with high marks and either first, second, or third place in their classes! Congratulations to current CGS students Luke, Gavin, Tenley, Melody and CGS alumni Bradley! Next up, private music students will perform in the CGS Music Recital on June 5th.

Lauren Crowther
Music Teacher
Children’s Garden School