Norval is Awesome

Another year, another truly amazing trip to Norval for the JK-Grade 1 students. Mr Elgie, Mr Evans, Katie, Hilary and Aaron are the best! Thank you to our wonderful parent volunteers as well.

Each grade level had their own program full of activities. Here are the highlights of the day ~

The JK’s set off in search of bugs and creepy crawlers armed with nets, bug catchers and magnifying glasses and played a really fun hawk and mouse game in the field. The SK’s hiked to the lookout on the Credit River and enjoyed a sweet story about rocks. According to Bea in SK the story taught her that, “People need a rock for a friend because you can play with them and they last forever.” After the story, the children searched the creek bed for rocks and brought them back to the clubhouse to make their very own rock critters. The Grade 1’s harvested apples and then cleaned, crushed and pressed them to make apple cider. They also learned about the importance of bees and their hives. They dressed-up in costumes to represent the different jobs of the bees and had so much fun making up an action to go along with their job. There are so many gorgeous pictures from the day. Enjoy!