Norval Sleepover

The Norval Sleepover is a right of passage for Grade 2 and 3 students at CGS. In the words of Grade 2 student Charlie, ‘The trip to Norval is real bucket list stuff.’ Charlie is right, the experience of being away at camp, usually for the first time, is a really big one for the children. They couldn’t be in better hands than with Bill and Brent over at Norval. The UCC staff is exceptional, from start to finish. They deliver meaningful curriculum in a totally fun and exciting way. This year the focus was Indigenous Perspectives of the Earth, at the request of our students. The children were divided into clans – Bear, Moose, Eagle and Wolf. They had their faces painted with their clan symbol and loved choosing spirit rocks with their specific spirit totems. The children had a cookout, using techniques that indigenous people would have used, made bird houses (that were then installed in the forest at Norval), played interactive games that included building a ‘beaver dam’ and listened to Brent’s amazing stories by candlelight before bedtime. When the children set off, the weather was looking dodgy but it cleared quickly and didn’t prevent the children from enjoying all that Norval has to offer. Tubing on the river was a real highlight! It happened to be Bill’s birthday on Saturday and he said he couldn’t have imagined spending his special day with a better group of kids. Our students are the youngest to attend sleepovers at Norval and the staff there is impressed every year with how well the children do. It is an experience not to be missed. A huge thank you to Paula for organizing this adventure, as she does every year. To Lisa, Emily and Jordan, who were also along for the trip, thank you for your amazing camp spirit!