On the Road to Perfeckt Phitt

That was the best show EVER!
~ M, Grade 1 student

Thank you to our thoughtful CGS PA for bringing Magnus Theatre’s production of Lig & Bittle to the children on Tuesday. The show came all the way from Thunder Bay. The story chronicled the adventures of Lig & Bittle as they made their way to the Land of Perfeckt Phitt. If they could just get there, they would finally fit in, and being SO big and SO little wouldn’t matter anymore. Along the way, they had to figure out how to be friends because they really didn’t like each other much at first. What better way to bond than fighting off the Ugga Monster on Middling Road? (The kids loved this part of the show.) When L & B finally arrived at Perfeckt Phitt they discovered it was a machine, not a place. It would take away what made them different forever. No thank you! Lig & Bittle decided to keep what made them special and headed home together, still very big and still very little.

Thank you to Magnus Theatre for the great production and for the interesting Q & A with the actors and artistic director after the show. It was really interesting to peak behind the curtain to find out how the show was created.