Our Awesome SKs!!

It’s time to catch up on what our amazing SK class has been up to these last few weeks!! From exciting science projects to heartwarming Fall seasonal moments, they’ve had quite a lot of fun with their learning!

In the world of science, our SK class has been conducting some fascinating experiments! From diving into the nitty gritty guts studying the properties of a pumpkin to understanding the wonders of the natural world with the season changing, they’ve been learning and discovering something new every day. They even conducted an experiment to see who can make a ghost really fly! Exploring how much wind pressure and which angle is needed to curve the wind to make them fly was a challenging but fascinating experiment. Science truly is an endless adventure in SK, and this class is always up for the challenge.

Our SK class has had a whirlwind of creativity recently too. They read a book called “The Scarecrows Hat” by Ken Brown in class. It teaches and reflects upon gratitude, patience and problem solving and sparked the cutest fall inspired Scarecrow art piece! They also coloured and decorated masks and created their own magic wands from any loose parts that they could find outside in our schools yard! Our SKs loved exploring through nature to create something magical. This sort of explorative play through nature combined with art allows them to to express their unique creative perspective. The SK classroom was buzzing with artistic energy. It’s always inspiring to see how diverse talents can come together to create something beautiful!

Math class for our SKs has been nothing short of sweet! Sweet because of their gummy bear data and graphing exercise! The satisfaction of collecting data and applying it to their own graphs to design and decorate was a fun shared learning experience. The support and teamwork in the class make even the “tartest” problems turn sweet!

Our SK classroom has been buzzing with so much, especially with shared countless laughs, funny jokes, and even a few impromptu dance-offs during their breaks. The bonds they’re building in class are just as important as the lessons they’re learning everyday.

We’re excited about what the future holds for our SK classroom. There are more lessons to be learned, stronger friendships to build and bond, and many milestones to achieve. Our SK class is a tight-knit community that thrives on collaboration, curiosity, and a shared desire to excel.