Our Classes

Early Start

Our Early Start students read the book ‘The Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister. This lovely book is all about sharing and the happiness sharing can bring yourself and others. It also depicts how difficult sharing can be and the impact that sharing can have on friendships. The students talked about sharing and followed their reading time with a worksheet where they could practice their printing along with answering comprehension questions.

Junior Kindergarten

The JK class recently started their Science unit on health eating. They are learning about how to assess whether or not a food is healthy, the Canada food guide food groups and where various snacks and lunch items come from. They have been calling it ‘Fun Food Detective’ work! They were tasked with sorting pictures of snack foods into food groups and have created a ‘healthy foods’ booklet. They are having so much fun extending their learning into their lunch and snack times too!

Senior Kindergarten

The class was thrilled to have a virtual visit straight from an operating room. Dr. Steve joined the class from his ‘office’ this week. The class learned about what surgery is and what is in an operating room. They also learned all about what happens if you are having surgery – that you need to fast, what to bring with you (things you love!), how you get an information band (and sometimes your stuff can get one too!).

After the virtual field trip, Dr. Steve sent the class some special gifts to commemorate their ‘visit’.

Grade 1

The Grade 1’s played jeopardy this week as additional phonics practice! They have been learning about open syllables throughout the week and we had a fun time overlapping that with Spell Well practice!

Grade 2

As part of their animals science unit, the Grade 2 class spent time this week discussing the ways in which animals help humans and also how animals (and the human animal as well) have adapted to their environments. Working in small groups, the students talked about things like scientific research, protection and companionship which animals provide for us humans… and that is just to name a few. Teacher Michelle had the students describe what adaptation might mean – getting used to something around you, like weather, light/dark, seasons. They then discussed some specific animals and ways that they have adapted to best survive in their environment.

Grade 3&4

As part of their STEM this week, the Grade 3&4 class made kites. They were tasked with making their kite using only paper, and string. The fun part was seeing whose kite flew the highest and, of course, enjoying the gorgeous weather!