Our classrooms this week

The Early Start class is continuing their Black History Month curriculum. Today they read the book ‘I am Strong’ featuring the life of Rosa Parks. The Early Start classes read the story and had a lively discussion time. They showed their solidarity with a display of their strong muscles. The reading time was followed by a lesson about Rosa and the word ‘Strong’.

Junior Kindergarten

The JK’s have been listening for the ‘U’ for ‘up’ sound this week. They have been feeding Mr. Muncher with objects that they find in the classroom which contain the sound – like cub, cup, and duck.

The class has also been doing some fantastic work learning the difference between an analog and digital clock. They have been learning time to the hour and about the things that we might be doing at that time of day.

Grade 1

The Grade One’s have been watching Canada compete in their various events and learning about some of the athletes competing in the Olympics. They have been busy rooting and cheering while discovering new sports like bobsledding and luge. During their STEM period, they had to choose one or more Olympic sports and create an event for it. There was ice hockey, speed skating, skiing, bobsledding, figure skating, and luge. One group created a podium (Canada was in first, yay!) and there were even a few new sports that they created as well! Go Canada, Go!

Grade 2

The students decided to add to their Tuesday math lesson. They are exploring 2D shapes in our geometry unit and the focus was symmetry and congruence. They used their individual LEGO kits to create their own unique symmetrical designs. It was so much fun.

Grade 3&4

With screwdrivers in hand, the Grades 3&4 class spent their technology lesson dismantling computers and – impressively! – reassembling them as well. The students learned to identify the computer’s motherboard, hard drive, RAM, power source and fan. They also learned each part’s uses and why they are necessary. The students were thrilled to have our IT Support on hand for the lesson.