Our Olive Branch Playground

We received a beautiful email from Deborah McCracken-Nangerke with some wonderful news this week. Deborah is the founder of the Olive Branch for Children in Tanzania. The CGS Principal’s Club funded playground and garden is complete! Principal’s Club has only supported the Olive Branch for one year and already so much has been accomplished. The pictures speak for themselves ~ there is something lovely where nothing stood before. An enormous thank you to the CGS community for supporting The Principal’s Club last year. Deborah sends her sincerest gratitude. We can’t wait to see what the children in Principal’s Club do this year!

Here is the list of all the items donated by CGS:

1. A slide
2. Monkey bars
3. Swing set
4. Spinning playground equipment
5. Jungle gym
6. Teeter totter
7. Balance beam
8. Tire bridge
9. Cemented and painted various games on the ground, including hopscotch, 4-square and traditional Tanzanian games
10. Peace Garden
11. Senatorial garden
12. Fruit and vegetable garden
13. Chickens and chicken coop