Our week at CGS

Our Grade 2 class completed their holiday celebrations project. Students were asked to select a celebration that is important to their family/culture. The students learned from their parents, grandparents and other family members about the celebration and how it may have changed over time.
What they created are some gorgeous dioramas of their heritage and of the beauty and meaning in each celebration. Students displayed their projects so that other classes could also see their work and learn more about the many holidays celebrated at this time of year. The holidays represented were Eid, Hanukkah, Lunar New Year, Christmas, Shabe Yalda, Japanese New Year and Salgirah Khushiali.
It’s beautiful to see so many heritages represented in just one of our classrooms!


The Early Start class commemorated Hanukkah this week. They made some beautiful Hanukkah themed art, learned about dreidels, and read about Biscuit’s Hanukkah.
The JK class had a Hanukkah presentation lead by a special guest, one of our JK parents! Saman shared about Hanukkah and the special things they do to celebrate Hanukkah as a family – latkes, dreidels, readings, menorah’s, a gratitude box (mitzvah box).
Saman brought a special Hanukkah book for class and each student received a special gift which included gelt, dreidel and other treasures! We are so grateful to Saman for sharing her time and these special celebrations with us.
The Grade 1’s discussed the story of Hanukkah and why it is celebrated for 8 days. They learned that it is also known as the ‘Festival of Lights’, about the Hanukkiah (Hanukkah menorah) and why it has 9 candles on it.
The class talked about some of the delicious foods that are eaten throughout Hanukkah. The class learned about dreidels and that the 4 Hebrew letters on it stand for “A great miracle happened here”.  They created beautiful Hanukkah window art for their classroom using dreidels and the Star of David to celebrate this wonderful festival of lights!
The Grades 3&4 class learned about the menorah, latkes, gelt, the dreidel. They talked about how Hanukkah is both similar and different to other holidays taking place during the month of December.

Student Government 

Our new student government held their first meeting this week. They got straight to work discussing new initiatives and creating posters for their upcoming Can Drive – Be a Souper Hero. Marie presented each member of our 2021/2022 student government with a commemorative pin.
2021 Holiday Presentation
CGS students have been hard at work learning scripts and songs for our upcoming holiday presentation. Mani has been assembling our cohorts to film their songs and stories and she will soon be editing to prepare the footage. We are so excited about sharing our upcoming 2021 Holiday Presentation with the CGS community!