Outdoor Adventure at Norval

The JK-Grade 1 students had a wonderful, magical time at Norval last Friday, despite the slightly damp weather. The JK’s set out in small groups with nets, magnifying glasses and bug catchers to collect as many bugs and creatures as they could. They looked in the woods, in the gardens and out in the fields. After discovering all sorts of bug treasures, they gathered to observe and share their various creepy crawlers.

The SK and Grade 1’s set off an an adventure of their own, to learn about animal shelters and play cooperative games. The hands-down highlight though, was discovering a fairy shelter in the trees. The children learned that if you started the entrance of a fairy shelter, they would do the rest and move in! The children were absolutely entranced. Children were paired up and given a cardboard door to start their fairy shelter. Thank you to Norval guide Katie for making this experience so vivid for the kids.

Thank you to all of the parent volunteers who came along on this great trip!