Paying Our Respects

Peace is as soft as silk. Peace is as lovely as a bird singing in a tree when I wake up. Peace is so easy to find because it is right in front of you! War is as hard as a mountain. Love is something that you find in your heart!!! Peace is as bright as 1000 suns. Hope is what you spread to other people. When I see war there is a hole in my heart. Peace is as lovely as a touch of snow on your fingertip.
~ Zoe G., Grade 3 (from an exercise on using similes in Language Arts)

We hope you found the Assembly meaningful today. We are so lucky to be able to mark this incredibly important day together as a community. Thank you to the Grade 3’s for doing such a capable job of hosting and sharing their thoughts on peace and for teaching us about the Battle of Passchendaele. It is the 100th anniversary of this terrible event in WWI and it was important to recognize the part that Canadian soldiers played, and the unimaginable sacrifices they made, on this day of remembrance. Thank you to Paula for sharing her passion for world history and putting the Passchendaele script together for the children.

We were so fortunate to have Acting Sub-Lieutenant, Alex Wood, from HMCS York, at the assembly to share his experience. It was particularly poignant when he spoke about his own father serving in the navy. It was also a lovely, genuine moment when he commented on being reminded of why people in military service choose to ‘wear the uniform’ when he looked out over his young audience. Thank you Sub-Lieutenant Wood for joining us, your presence today and your service every day is much appreciated.