Peaceful Doves/Pop Poppies

Pop Art Poppies

This month our SK/JK classes painted these beautiful pop art poppies in honour of Remembrance Day. We learned about the characteristics of pop art such as the use of  bright colours, collage, and patterns to make a work of art seem to “pop” off of the page. Look at how vibrant and colourful these poppies turned out. These SK/ JK artists would make Andy Warhol himself proud!

Peace Doves

The Grade 2/3 class honoured Remembrance Day by drawing these graceful doves. We learned about symbolism and how doves and olive branches represent peace. We further discussed symbols in our society and how they are images that mean one thing literally but can also mean an idea or represent something else. Some examples we came up with in class were hearts, recycling signs, poppies, peace signs, and even the curvy “M” representing McDonalds. Symbols are all around us and even in famous works of art! In fact, Pablo Picasso famously drew a peace dove that is now one of the most recognized symbols of peace today. Our Grade 2/3 class was inspired by this image and learned how to draw these peace doves. They also utilized mixed media techniques using watercolour paint, acrylics and pastel. They look amazing. Well done Grade 2/3!

Carrie Laureola
Art Teacher
Children’s Garden School