Phonics & Fun Facts for JK

Monday mornings in JK are always a busy start to the week. After our morning circle we are off to the races in the phonics department. We are learning two sounds per week and will have introduced our second vowel (e) by the end of week three! Mr.Muncher is our resident sound collector and enjoys munching on various objects beginning with our particular sound. Occasionally an object with a different sound is in the mystery bag, but our clever JK’s won’t be fooled!


We end our busy week with Fun Fact Fridays. The children are asked to investigate a particular topic such as their favourite animal or our friend Terry Fox. Then they are asked to share their interesting fact with their peers. Recent fun facts we learned included that an octopus is very clever and can squeeze into tiny small spaces and Terry had three siblings (Fred, Darrell and Judith). Fun Fact Friday is an excellent opportunity to introduce public speaking before we host the January assembly!

Sara A and Meesh
JK Teachers
Children’s Garden School