Phonics Match Up

Students in Grade 2 learn best when they are on the move. The Grade 2’s have been learning about Open, Closed, and Bossy E syllables. Understanding syllables help children understand how the order of letters affect vowel sounds. This understanding aids greatly in a child’s decoding when reading and spelling when writing. To better understand Bossy e Syllables, the students were given syllable cards and asked to keep them a secret and then spread out around the room. The students then tried to ask different students what their syllable was and match up to make one of their phonics words. Once the students found their match, they came to the carpet to present the full word to the class. Each student took turns explaining and identifying their syllable. The Grade 2’s beamed with excitement as they found their partner. They explained their syllables like pros! Well done Grade 2’s!

Jordan Morneau
Grade 2 Teacher
Children’s Garden School