Poppy Art


This month Grades 1-3 were preparing for November’s Remembrance Day assembly. In art class they continued to use their artists’ eyes to notice details in nature. This skill helped them to paint an up-close poppy in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe just like they did for their Fall sunflowers. Again, the children used a variety of shades to make their petals look more realistic.

The Grade 4’s had a head start on their poppy art which started in September. They worked on canvases to paint a field of poppies. Here the children learned about perspective and balance. Notice how some poppies are facing the viewer while others, like our budding poppies, are facing up to the sky? They created balance and harmony by making sure there was generally an equal amount of flowers on each side of the canvas. They also meticulously added detailed shading to the grass as they decided which side the light was coming from in their landscapes.

I’m so proud of the students and how beautiful their artwork turned out. They made amazing decorations for the assembly!

Carrie Laureola
Art Teacher
Children’s Garden School