Poppy Was Here!

Last week the Grade 1 class had a very special visitor in their classroom – Poppy the Fairy! This isn’t the first time a fairy has visited the children at CGS. Poppy has asked the children to help her become a better writer. Poppy has left two notes for the children so far, and both have had spelling and capitalization mistakes. The Grade 1s were very happy to help Poppy with her mistakes because, as we’ve been reminding each other, everyone has to ask for help sometimes and mistakes are proof that you are trying! The children have already helped her to learn one of their sight words (‘my’) and their FFSSZZLL phonics rule.

Poppy left some fairy dust when she was writing her notes and the Grade 1’s had many ideas about how she entered their classroom. We also discussed that fairies live in old trees, and there are plenty of those in Leaside! The Grade 1’s are looking forward to more messages from Poppy and are eager to help her learn and grow.

Exciting times in the Grade 1 classroom!

Heather Pyne & Emily Blackwood
Grade 1 Teachers
Children’s Garden School