Principal’s Club – A Little Philanthropy Goes a Long Way

The CGS Principal’s Club was another resounding success this year. Twenty of our Grade 1-4 students spent the year learning about our chosen charity, The Olive Branch for Children in Tanzania, and then working on various fundraiser initiatives to respond to their current needs.

The idea behind Principal’s Club is to introduce our young students to the notion of philanthropy, to think outside of our own home community, and help those who need it most. We truly believe it is never too soon to start our global awareness and responsibility and hopefully this will be the start of something really important for our students moving forward.

Our final fundraiser of this school year was last week’s Lemonade and Cookie Sale. From the creation of the advertising posters, to the making of the cookies, to the selling of the finished product, our PC members dedicated several weeks to this endeavour and thanks to the wonderful support of the CGS community we managed to raise almost $1300.00!

Thanks to our students’ efforts, and the community’s unwavering support, we will be sending a cheque for over $7,000.00 to the Olive Branch for Children this year. This money will go so far, and we can’t wait for our friend Deborah from Tanzania to keep us posted on how the money will be used. Feel free to take a peek at The Olive Branch website where you can learn more about this amazing charity.

We are proud of our affiliation with them and look forward to continuing this partnership again next year.