Principal’s Club Will Meet Again!

We had our first Principal’s Club online meeting this week. It was so nice to see all the children together again. Marie was at the helm as usual and Liz, Michelle L, and Michelle M were all in attendance too. Almost everyone in the club joined in which was great, especially given that the meeting was after an already busy day at online school. It was a testament to how important this club experience is to the kids. Marie had lots of news to share from Deb in Tanzania. (See below for her letter to Marie.) Deb has her hands VERY full. Schools are closed in Tanzania, as they are most places in the world, and Deb and the children have all been living together so that homeschooling can happen. Wow. 68 students in total. Marie asked the children if they had any questions for Deb about how she is managing with so many students to take care of. They had plenty! Marie will be sending them along in her next message to Deb. The club also discussed what events were on the club’s calendar before COVID 19 interrupted everything. The Lemonade Sale and Father’s Day would have been coming up so the children are thinking of ways to still make them happen. Marie finished up the meeting by asking the children if they would like to meet again and the answer was unanimous… Yes! So stay tuned for another meet up for Principal’s Club. In the words of one member – ‘Principal’s Club is the best Club in the world!’

Dear Marie

It is so nice to hear from you.  These have been very strange times indeed.  I hope you and the entire CGS community are healthy, happy and safe.  We are so very grateful for the support. Currently, all our kids are home (68 to be exact). Some are back from universities and colleges around the country.  All the secondary schools are closed. We had to close The Olive Branch for Children Montessori Academy in line with government mandates. We hope to open up in July. We are homeschooling all our kids with the help of our uni and higher-level high school kids.  Definitely challenging but loads of fun. I will send some photos of their projects. Here are some photos from their play The Queen and The General. Our primary school kids wrote it, designed the set, made their costumes, and then performed it for their older siblings. They were awesome. Sending hugs from all of us at The Olive Branch in Tanzania.

Stay safe and healthy.