Putting the Pieces Together

The SK’s had an amazing morning of hands-on learning today. A huge thank you to Spencer for bringing in his mum Audrey to visit. Audrey is a doctor and came in to share her knowledge of the human body with the class. The SK’s have been working on their Human Body Unit for a month now. Audrey was so impressed with everything the children already knew. The children have been learning all about the digestive, respiratory, nervous and circulation systems as well as the skeleton and organs. Audrey brought everything to life in such a fun way. She even had the children lie down, end to end, to demonstrate the actual length of an adult gastrointestinal tract – 30 feet. That’s a lot of SK’s! Audrey also brought in her doctor’s bag of instruments to show and demonstrate for the children. Afterwards, everyone had their chance to be the doctor with gloves, masks and stethoscopes. The children followed up this amazing anatomy lesson with more human body assembling and building activities of their own.