Rapunzel Needs STEM

The SKs are thrilled to be starting STEM! Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics combined together, is an exciting approach to learning that stimulates creativity and draws upon their natural curiosity. The SKs have begun STEM by using a four-step design process that helps them explore, observe, question, predict and investigate new concepts and challenges and find possible solutions.

The first step the SKs take is to PLAN. The students think of a solution to a problem based on their own knowledge and experiences. They collaborate to draw their ideas on paper to help come up with a solid design. Next, the students CREATE their design using critical thinking and problem-solving skills to build a model of their design. The third step is for the SKs to TEST their designs, watching how their model performs and discovering what works and what does not. Finally, the students are encouraged to ASK questions about what they noticed during the testing step. The SKs analyze their results and ask themselves what happened in order to make changes, if necessary, for a new, testable design.

During their first STEM lesson, the SKs enjoyed solving problems found within familiar stories, including designing a chair for Goldilocks and the Three Bears, building a solid house to protect the Three Little Pigs from the Big Bad Wolf, and helping the prince climb up the high tower to save Rapunzel.

It was particularly rewarding to observe the SKs focus, determination, rapt attention, and overall collaborative efforts as they engineered and faced the challenges of their designs!

Paula & Meagan
SK Teachers
Children’s Garden School