Reading With Friends

We are so proud of our Grade 2-4 students for being such great role models and big “brothers/sisters” to our younger students. They always say hi to them in the halls, they help them with the stairs, they spend time with them in between classes, play with them and interact with them all the time. On top of that, they have taken on a new responsibility of becoming the JKs reading buddies!

This process is a wonderful exercise for both grades to practice and build their confidence with reading. Reading Buddy time is guided by the grade 2 to 4 students. They ask their partners what type of story they are interested in reading, they help them decide on a book, and then together they read aloud, and the older students aid in the JKs reading process.

We asked a few of the students what they’re favourite part of Reading Buddy time was, and this what they said:

Hannah from grade 2 said, “First of all, I like that we get to spend time with our buddies in a fun activity. Secondly, it makes me happy to see their reading developing more and more and I helped with that.”

Claire from grade 2 expressed, “Reading with Naomi is fun! We sometimes flip too many pages and have to go back and reread to learn what’s going on in the story, but we do it together so that’s fun.”

Lucas from JK also mentioned, “I love that I get to see my friend. I get to read and laugh with my friend.”

Naomi from JK giggled and announced “I love my reading buddy Claire! She is so funny and helps me read my favorite stories!”

Reading with friends is such a great way to make reading fun! Have a look at some of our students reading with their buddies!