More Remediation Plus Clinic Training

We are pleased to announce that two more CGS teachers are set to be trained as Remediation Plus reading specialist practitioners. Meagan and Michelle L will be receiving their training from Remediation Plus founder Joanne Gross next week. (It is an intensive three days of study.) Once their training is complete, they will join Paula and Jordan as qualified clinicians in in-depth reading assessment and remediation. It is very important to note that this training is above and beyond what is required to address the needs of most children as they learn to read. It is designed to help those children that need more support and time to become competent readers. See below for details about Clinic hours at CGS. Your teacher will let you know if this is something you may want to consider for your child. The Clinic is open to students outside of CGS and could be particularly helpful to those children not being adequately served in the public system. If you have friends concerned about the reading strategies at their schools, please pass on the information.

Children’s Garden School has decided to invest further in their Remediation Plus reading clinic by certifying two more reading specialist practitioners to best serve the 1 in 5 children that might struggle to learn to read. Research has shown that struggling to learn to read is due to a phonological deficit and that intervention based on Orton Gillingham methodology and phonemic awareness training makes for the best possible reading intervention, based on cutting edge research. Children’s Garden School and Marie Bates are committed to the children they serve and to making sure every child leaves the school ready “read to learn”.

~ Jo-Anne Gross
Founder, Remediation Plus