Resilience is Like an Elastic Band

Our in-school Character Education Assembly on Resilience was a great one this month. It is such an important quality for all of us to cultivate and often one of the most challenging. Marie did an excellent job of demonstrating resilience with the help of an elastic band. She pointed out that when she stretched the elastic band to its limit, it changed shape and colour (and appeared to be close to breaking), but when the tension was released, the elastic went back to normal. Times of challenge and stress can make us feel that we will never get ‘back to normal’. Resilience always comes in handy but there are times when we really need to call on our inner resources. Just remember the elastic! The children loved Marie’s demonstration and we hope they will keep the image of the elastic stretching and bouncing back tucked away for the next time they need to remind themselves that everything is going to be ok. Congratulations to our certificate recipients this month. Thank you to Paula and Michelle for standing in for their absent students. We missed you Oliver and Max!

Next up is Fairness. Marie looks forward to checking in with the children about this important human value at our next in-school Character Ed Assembly on Feb 26.