For those of you that aren’t in the RFRK program, their chicken mac & cheese is a beloved menu item. It is a total favourite among the kids. It wasn’t included in the menu this year and some of the Grade 2/3’s decided to take it upon themselves to try and get it back. They wrote letters to RFRK asking for it to be reinstated. They sent a strong, respectful message and RFRK listened! What a great lesson in advocating for change for the children. They were thrilled when Marie visited their classroom to pass on the good news. They looked at each other after they heard the news and exclaimed, ‘We can do hard things!’ Yes, you can CGS’ers. No doubt this will be a formative memory for the children. We hope they will always strive for change in such a positive and personal way. Thank you to Emily and Steve at RFRK for their thoughtful messages!


Hey Don,

I’m not a politician, but I do know that handwritten letters advocating for something always carry more weight than a petition! You can let the kids at CGS know that these letters and feedback made a difference!

I spoke with our production team, and we’ve heard loud and clear that the mac chic ‘n cheese needs to come back to the menu and we’re happy to announce it’s back in December!

Please share the good news with the kids and I will let our team know that they just made the day of some little ones 🙂

Have a wonderful day,


Hi Don,

I forwarded these letters to our menu planner, and she was so moved!

Emily, RFRK’s menu planner extraordinaire sent her own letter (attached below) that she’d love for you to print and share it with your kids who advocated for a change!

This brightened our day and warmed our hearts this chilly and snowy Monday in November!

All our best,