Science Centre Fun

Grades 1-3 visited the Science Centre to complement their respective units this term. The Grade 1’s are working on materials, objects and everyday structures. The Grade 2 class is exploring the properties of liquids and solids and the Grade 3 curriculum is focussing on understanding structures and mechanisms in the human body. Students participated in a Matter and Materials workshop, identifying and matching raw materials to their finished products. They learned how materials combine to create stronger products and structures. Students were also tasked with identifying and differentiating between different liquids and gases. The children were given test tubes filled with different substances and had to sort them according to properties like clear, viscous and opaque. The IMAX film “Dream Big” wowed everyone with its around the globe look at man-made superstructures and how scientists and engineers work together to meet challenges in less privileged parts of the world. The movie was followed by a live show on energy. Charlie was the lucky one chosen to participate in the classic hair raising experiment. (I think many of us remember that one from our own childhood.) The rock climbing wall was pretty fun too!

Jamie Temos
Science & Technology Teacher
Children’s Garden School