Science Centre Adventures

Wow! What an amazing experience the Grade 1 and 2/3 classes had at the Science Centre! The children had so much fun learning and exploring. We all spent a bit of time in the morning freely exploring Kidspark before breaking up into groups for a workshop. The Grade 1’s had a blast travelling through our solar system in the Planetarium. They listened to stories from around the world about constellations, visited each of the planets in our solar system, and saw the Milky Way. The Grade 2/3’s explored animals and discovered how certain adaptations are indicative of the diet and behaviour of various animals. There was some amazing teamwork on display as they were packing a “picnic lunch” for their designated animal. All of the children were wowed by the documentary we watched in the afternoon all about Earth’s oceans. It was an extremely impactful film, explaining how precious our oceans and ocean life is to our planet Earth. Ask your child about some of their favourite scenes! What an amazing, memorable trip to the Ontario Science Centre.

Emily Blackwood
Grade 1 Teacher
Children’s Garden School