Science is Cool!

WOW. The Science Fair was a rollicking success! Thank you to organizers Emily, Rim and Michelle L for setting the stage for so much good work and learning. We were so impressed by the effort from all the participants. We know the Science Fair requires a great deal of parental support (thank you parents!) but we were very encouraged to see the children’s work and thinking shine through. Our CGS scientists were very well prepared and knew their experiments back to front. Participants had several opportunities to present their findings over the course of the fair. They need to explain their work to the judges, to JK through Grade 4 friends, parents and staff. Whew! This is no small feat for anyone and the children handled themselves very well in this busy environment. It was especially wonderful to see the children present to their peers. It was clear how much fun they had executing their experiments. A big thank you to our judges Chelsea, Kelly and Clare. We look forward to the results being announced on Monday.