Self-Regulation in Grade 2/3

This year, Grade 2/3 will have a great emphasis on the development of social and emotional skills. Our goal is for students to have a clear understanding/step-by-step process of how to act and react in various situations. Our curriculum aims to provide students with a ‘social tool kit’ that they can use as they navigate relationships, interactions, conflicts, emotions, and themselves.

Each week the students brainstorm our list of social skills and choose what they would like to focus on for the week. On Fridays, we reflect on our chosen skill, at times choosing to focus on it for longer than a week if need be. We have spent the last few weeks focusing on the steps of conflict resolution: walk away and calm down, talk it out, find a solution. We are moving on to Self-Regulation this week! We will be talking with the students about their ‘engines’ and knowing what to do when they are revving too high or too low. Did you know we actually have 7 senses? The children loved learning about our vestibular sense (relating to balance) and proprioceptive sense (related to the position and movement of the body in space).
We are looking forward to seeing lots of social/emotional growth in our Grade 2/3 class this year!

Jordan and Lisa
Grade 2 Treachers
Children’s Garden School