Shake It Up

Last Friday the Early Start class created their very own ‘Mindful Jars’ ! A mindfulness jar is a very powerful visual metaphor for being able to express one’s feelings. We previously discussed how we use the jars to calm our bodies down when we are feeling sad, upset, or frustrated. The glitter inside represents your thoughts and emotions. First, you turn the bottle upside down or give it a good shake. As the glitter settles and you sit still, you begin to notice your breath and your thoughts settling down, too. The benefits of the mindful jar are not only to help the children to calm down, but it also helps to teach them focusing skills, how to regulate emotions and increases their sensory and self-awareness. The children loved personalizing their own versions and are very excited to have their own personal calming tool to use at home!

Michelle M
MindUp Teacher
Children’s Garden School