Silly Syllables

The Grade 1’s have been continuing to work on their phonics understanding. This week our focus was on syllables. They understand that syllables give words a rhythm or a beat, and have enjoyed clapping to find the syllables in their names and the names of their friends and family members. Yesterday the children were focusing on Closed Syllables which have a short vowel with at least one consonant following. A fun way to practise finding the closed syllables was to use nonsense words like ‘treffin’, ‘plamman’, and ‘shupsen’! They even had a chance to choose a nonsense word and draw a picture of what they thought it might be! All of the children are doing their ‘bockest’ job!
P.S. We think that ‘bockest’ means ‘best’! Awesome work, Grade 1’s.
Emily & Heather
Grade 1 Teachers
children’s Garden School