Simple Machines

The Grade 2/3 class has been learning all about simple machines in Science over the past few weeks. This week they had a special assignment: to create their own ‘simple machine invention’ using a variety of STEM materials with a partner. The only requirement was that at least one simple machine that we have learned about be incorporated into their inventions: the lever, the wedge, the inclined plane, the wheel and axle, the pulley, and the screw. The results were amazing! Each group produced an incredibly creative and intricate invention, and most had at least three different simple machines involved in it. We were so impressed with the students’ passion for this project and their ability to work together with a partner to communicate, co-operate and create. STEM is certainly becoming an area of expertise in this class. Way to go Grade 2/3!

Lisa & Jordan
Grade 2/3 Teachers
Children’s Garden School