SK Classroom Highlight!


It’s time for a CGS classroom highlight! This highlight is all about the Senior Kindergartens and their BIG show-stopping achievement. They presented their first official full presentation of the school year! All their hard work and dedication has finally paid off for their Puppet Project Creations!

In class our SK students are learning about all the elements needed to write, create and tell a story. Focusing on how to progress a story along through tying sentences together and how to create a complete story with a beginning, middle and end. Along with that they are learning about all the extra important elements like main and secondary characters, and of course the world of the story through its setting!

In this project they were asked to pick one of their favourite stories so they could bring it to life off the page. They chose one of the characters from the story to create it as a puppet. They were then asked to retell this story through their puppet, being sure to include all those important story elements such as the beginning, middle, and end, as well as the characters and the setting. All the SK students supported each other with big listening ears and lots of encouraging words for those who got a little nervous to present.

Such a great day of presentations!