SK | Grade 1 Excursion Black Creek Pioneer Village

We woke to a snow-coated-Toronto on Thursday morning, and what a wonderful addition of excitement to the already thrilling day we had planned for our SKs and Grade 1s. 

“We’re going to Black Creek Pioneer Village!” 

Although it’s in Toronto, the village is meant to reflect an early settler town where visitors can experience a typical day in Canadian rural history during the 1860s.  

Our CGS children took part in “Christmas Past,” where they experienced the traditions and celebrations of the distinct cultures that made up the Village. All the homes were decorated with staged rooms to display what life was like at Christmastime. The dining rooms were arranged, and the tables set for a holiday feast. As they travelled further through each home, they saw what a bedroom might have looked like, each with a bed and a weaving loom, too. Have you heard the phrase, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite?”  We can credit this warning to the pioneers of this time as their beds were made with straw-stuffed mattresses, known to attract mice and bed bugs! Oh my! 

Our CGS students each took part in interactive storytelling and a few were able to wear traditional pioneer dress. They all learned so many cool facts about the holidays. Did you know the origin of Christmas trees began in Germany? 

Outdoors, the Grade 1s ventured into a great old barn, which turned out to be the village firehouse! There were no big red firetrucks, but instead a wagon and Clydesdale horses to pull the water to extinguish any fire. 

At the village storefront, CGS students learned how the pioneers would trade or barter for Christmas gifts. Our children created crafts and other decorations like “pomander” with oranges and spice.  

Social Studies for our SKs and Grade 1s helps us better understand the roles, relationships, and responsibilities we have as a community, and presents us with opportunities that may connect our learning to our identity, our culture, and even our sense of self.  

Our CGS student’s time today at the Village was filled with amazing learning, and fantastic fun!