SK Sleepover Magic

A huge thank you to our inspired and generous SK teachers for hosting the SK sleepover last Thursday. Thursday night would have been the start of March Break and was the start of the long weekend – a much-needed night of rest for the teachers. But no, instead it was SK party time! There was a campfire, a stuffy show and tell, a dance party and singing, cookie decorating (and eating!) and crafts. The excitement was very high after all the activities and socializing and everyone needed to quiet down before bedtime. Listening to You’ll Be in My Heart and a peaceful, sleepy bedtime story did the trick beautifully before it was lights out.

Covid restrictions have been really hard for children and Paula, Clara and Aidan really wanted to give them some unstructured, non socially distanced fun as well as a chance to share their emotions. There were several touching and teary moments as the children shared their feelings about life right now. Wishing for Covid to be over was unanimous. The sleepover included breakfast and the children loved coming together again on Friday morning to share more special activities with Paula, Clara and Aidan.