SK Spotlight: Little Inventors!

Our SKs have been transforming their classroom into an SK Laboratory! With the help and in class teachings of our SK teachers Akira and Paula, their students have been working hard in STEAM this year with so many different educational projects all challenging them to reach to their highest inventive potential. All of their projects aim to incorporate as many of the S.T.E.A.M. characteristics as possible (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math). We see the most educational growth when more than one subject is working together with another for the final outcome. We have seen them designing spooky monsters, protecting pigs from the Big Bad Wolf, constructing and measuring candy heart towers, and building intricate marble runs! For their end-of-year S.T.E.A.M. project, they SK students were asked to become eco-friendly inventors! 

They have recently read the book Boxitects in class. This is a story that teaches children about teamwork, problem solving, and innovation. The main characters are two young students who love to make new creations out of used cardboard boxes.  This was the inspiration for the class’s final project. Each student was tasked with creating a ‘prototype’, a word they have been learning and exploring in class already, of a new invention using recycled materials as its main focus. Their options were endless for whatever products they could find around the house- e.g. plastic water bottles, toilet paper rolls, scrap paper, cut up old fabric, etc- in addition to a cardboard box. 

They were asked to choose between creating an item that solves an existing problem in their lives, or simply opt to use their imagination to invent something that is fun! Students were also encouraged to decorate their box inventions however they desired, with the option of non-recycled materials as well. Each child brainstormed all the details from beginning to end for their inventions. They brainstormed its characteristics, its skills, who would benefit from using it, and of course gave their new invention a show stopping name! 

Our SKs all were to present their inventions in class to their peers, and all of them were so enthusiastic, and full of joy when sharing their new creations. The most incredible part was the interest and interactions the students had with each other’s creations. These inventions brought the class even closer than before by students engaging with them with asking how the inventions worked, how they created it, how or why they thought of making it, and if they could use it, play with it or demonstrate it working! Akira and Paula couldn’t be prouder of all the hard work their students dedicated to their final SK S.T.E.A.M. project!

Please enjoy our SK Little Inventors Box inventions!