Skating and STEM


Grade 1-4 Skating


Grades 1-4 had their first trip to the skating rink! We are so happy to have our skating program up and running. The students traveled by bus to the skating rink and enjoyed a morning of active fun and learning. We had a few tired faces on the bus on the way home!




It has been a STEM filled week at CGS! In addition to our wonderful Early Start apple experiment, the SK class has started doing STEM centres. These centres allow learners to work collaboratively in small groups and to explore new concepts in a hands on way. The learners have started a unit on structures and are currently looking at man made structures. They started learning about bridges and worked collaboratively on a bridge STEM challenge. Learners worked together to build a bridge which could support as many teddy math counters as possible. The groups did a wonderful job of working together and the record was 39 teddies!