Smooth Ice & Hot Chocolate

We hope you had a great time at our Family Skating Night at UCC on Friday. It was wonderful to see so many CGS’ers on the ice. Boy, can some of our little guys skate! Speed and skill were on display, that’s for sure. For the newer skaters, and the ones who haven’t skated in a few years, well done! The ice at Wilder Arena has a reputation for being among the best and the smoothest in the city, just right to practise on. Thank you to the PA, Lindsey, Robin and Nina for organizing the event. A special shout out to Armaan for helping us carry the world’s biggest urn of hot chocolate ever! Also, thank you to our PA Chair Devon for securing a place on the UCC Arena calendar for us each year. It is quite the score and we are so happy to make use of their fantastic facilities.