Spaghetti Clean-Up in Technology

'It's all about the basics.'

~Dayna, CGS IT

Right? Knowing the basics when it comes to technology is critical these days - without them, it is so easy to go astray. Dayna has been visiting the Grade 2/3's this term to teach them the basics of coding. Recently she walked them through Level 1 of a kids coding program called Lightbot. The children were given the task of creating code (or instructions) to move Pete the Robot across the squares. They did this by giving Dayna instructions to move Pete - forward, left etc. This created a sequence of commands that contained patterns. Once the children identified the patterns in the code, they could replace them with a single procedure (P1 and P2 in this case) to shorten or 'tidy up' the code. In the techie world, messy code is known as 'spaghetti code'. Way to clean up the spaghetti Grade 2/3's. Pete is on his way!