Special Guests in JK

It has indeed been a fun and festive week for the JK’s. From being busy elves working on presents for their parents and making a special delivery to the mailbox with our Santa letters, we were also incredibly fortunate and appreciative to have two very special visitors. Spencer’s Mom Audrey arrived on Thursday afternoon, armed with a bag full of Hanukkah treasures, a beautiful story and a Menorah to share with the children. The children all had a chance to play a dreidel game after the presentation where they learned what the various symbols represented. On Friday morning, Spence once again shared a treasured “family” member with us, his caregiver Josie. Josie arrived with her guitar to sing some holiday songs with us! It was a fabulous way to start off our day in JK and a wonderful way to end our week.

Sara A and Meesh
JK Teachers
Children’s Garden School