A Very Special Visitor for Chinese New Year

We were so fortunate to have a special guest for Chinese New Year on Wednesday. A huge thank you to Hong (Max’s mum) for inviting her friend, Cynthia Qin, to the school to play for the staff and students. Cynthia plays an instrument called Gu Zheng, or the Chinese Zither. It was absolutely magical. Cynthia is a professional musician and she started to play Gu Zheng when she was only 7 years old. She graduated from the China Conservatory of Music in Beijing after majoring in Gu Zheng. After almost twenty years of practice, Cynthia’s playing is very skillful and her expression is exquisite. The Zither sounds somewhat like a harp and the children were in awe of the beautiful sounds filling the SK classroom. Cynthia was wonderful with the children and answered many questions. Gu Zheng is 2500 years old!

We wish everyone a happy and prosperous Year of the Dog.