Special CGS highlights

Special Visit

As part of the unit on the human body, the SK class had a special visit from one of our parents. Cardiologist, Dr. Ng joined us from Sick Kids Hospital to talk to the class about the heart. The class learned about the ‘Echo Room’ (echocardiogram) and how sound waves are used to see inside the heart.

They learned about what the heart looks likes, it’s chambers, valves and veins. They learned how the heart works and what a normal heart looks like versus an abnormal one. They listened to the heart using a doplar machine and thought that it sounded a bit like a saw!

Dr. Ng even had his own ECG test done during the visit and the class learned that the stress test measures the electrical patterns in the heartbeat. The class enjoyed seeing inside Dr. Ng’s office and noticed all of the art hanging in there from his little SK students art classes at CGS!

The SK class is excited about more ‘visits’ to their classroom in the coming weeks! Thank you for a wonderful visit Dr. Ng!

We just had to highlight our Grade 1 student. He made his own ‘I Love CGS YAY!’ crown this week and was so proud that he didn’t want to take it off! It just warms our hearts and reminds us all why we do what we do here at CGS.

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