Spell Well & Resilience in JK

The JKs have had a busy and productive start to the New Year! After completing the first book of the Remediation Plus phonics program before the holidays, it was just a matter of time before the reading process would begin along with book 2 (CVC- consonant vowel consonant). And so it did! The children completed their first Spell Well (spelling test) after taking home the word list along with a sheet of sentences to practice over the weekend. This will be a weekly event until all 5 vowel Spell Wells have been completed. We even threw in the tricky sight word “the” as a bonus. The children all did a super job!

The JKs have also been “stepping up to the mic” while rehearsing for the January Assembly coming up on the 25th. They are hosting and have lots of fun work to do. Both the Spell Wells and preparing for the assembly have been friendly reminders of this month’s Resilience character trait. Even when times can get tricky, we continue to persevere and do our best. We are extremely proud of our determined and brave young learners.

Sara & Meesh
JK Teachers
Children’ Garden School